Six Senses Photography

Life on the road was always something I craved. As a teenager, moving around with my parents – who by no means viewed frequent relocation to new countries as fun – I liked to imagine how one day I would pack up and take off, maybe even without a specific destination in mind. Experience everything the world has to offer and be a vagrant for a while, or possibly forever. I still get lost in these youthful dreams every once in a while, but for better or worse my obsessive-compulsive personality combined with a hankering for life's creature comforts that only come with a steady income, has so far prevented me from running away into the unknown. Instead I got a degree, embarked on a career path and learned how to use a proper camera to help me remember the precious moments when I set my inner vagrant free for a while. I also married my best friend, who luckily understands better than anyone the need to feed my adventurous spirit that often gets frustrated and disillusioned by too much routine, and happily accompanies me to even the most obscure spots on the map.

Our vagrant status is still subject to figuring out how a vagrant might be able to afford comfortable lodgings I am so fond of, but 2015 marks eight years of escapes, initially spurred on by that very important first trip that married couples take together – the honeymoon. During these great eight years all kinds of trips were taken together and separately, near and far in over 35 countries, through cities and towns, beaches and mountains, forests and deserts, jungles and prairies. Each place a new reminder of how beautiful and irreplaceable our planet is and how much there is to discover when we make time to look up from our daily routines and take a break from the familiar.

Early mornings. Late nights. Long drives. Great hikes. Sometimes lazy days. Occasionally strange food. And always amazing scenery. Since I always lug my camera around everywhere we go, I am guilty of hoarding thousands of photos of travel that usually involves some or all of these things. Each photo a souvenir from my vagrant self to my everyday self, to be unwrapped later like a gift. These photos, as well as my words, finally needed a better home than the obscure hard drive of my computer. This is work-in-progress on a collection of memories made away from everyday.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan

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