Six Senses Photography

2015 marks roughly ten years since I discovered the magic properties of digital cameras, first through a tiny point and shoot and then through a series of increasingly bulky DSLRs that make packing for trips so much more fun. I also began hoarding hundreds of photos of travel that usually involves early mornings, late nights, long drives, great hikes, sometimes lazy days, occasionally strange food and always amazing scenery. During these great ten years there were trips near and far in over 35 countries, through cities and towns, beaches and mountains, forests and deserts, jungles and prairies. Each place a reminder of how beautiful and irreplaceable our planet is and how much there is to discover when we make time to look up from our daily routines and take a break from the familiar. This is a collection of memories made away from everyday. 

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan

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